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Luxe Logistics is an Ocean Freight Forwarder shipping cars and cargo overseas since 2010 with industry-leading prices.

About us

Welcome To Luxe Logistics

Luxe Logistics; Established in New Miami was founded in 2010 on the belief that the ocean cargo industry required an expert firm that maintains vast knowledge, professional expertise, established long-term relationships with carriers across the world, and a responsive and personalized way of doing business. This belief became the fundamental building block of who we were then, and who we are today.

From 2010 to today, Luxe Logistics has shipped every type of cargo to and from virtually every cargo port in the world. We provide regular sailings to, from, and between all major North American ports, Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, the Middle and Far East, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Our competence includes export, import, and foreign to foreign. Our dedication to our clients can be seen in our strict safety policies, high efficiency, and our ability to adapt to the changing rules, regulations, routes and technology.

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